Key Refurbishment & Repairs

Automotive Locksmiths are specialists in car key refurbishment and repairs, providing a fast and efficient on-site repair service for most make and models of vehicle.

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Has your car key snapped in the lock?

We are able to quickly and easily extract broken key blades from locks and replace with new. Or perhaps your remote has stopped working, failing to lock or unlock your vehicles doors?

There are a range of common faults with remote keys, including loose parts or non- working buttons and at Automotive Locksmiths we know it is not always necessary to replace the key. We may be able to fix the original by re-shelling, replacing buttons or cutting new blades, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new key and having it programmed.

Worn Out Car Keys?

Over time car keys can become cracked and worn, eventually snapping or become unusable. If you need help with refurbishing or repairing your keys please call us today on 07943 041903.


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